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Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Related Conditions

Celiac disease, fibromyalgia, IBD, and SIBO are just a few conditions that can occur simultaneously with IBS. Explore why and how they are often treated.
woman with stomach pain
Is Dyssynergic Defecation the Reason Behind Your Constipation?
Woman with stomach pain
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How to Prevent and Treat Painful Anal Fissures
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When You Have Both Bowel and Bladder Problems
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8 Steps for Healing a Leaky Gut
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Why You Have Bathroom Problems After Gallbladder Surgery
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When Panic and IBS Attacks Happen at the Same Time
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Are Bladder Problems Common in People With IBS?
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Could Your Thyroid Disease Be Causing Your Digestive Problems?
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Answers to Your Questions About Leaky Gut Syndrome
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Do You Know What Causes Anal Pain?
Woman suffering from abdominal pain.
Learn the Do's and Don'ts for Dumping Syndrome
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IBS-D Might Be Caused by a Problem With Bile Acids
A woman curled up in her bed with stomach pain
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What Your Gallbladder Pain Means and What You Should Do About It
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Eating the Best Foods When You Have IBS and Diabetes Together
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When IBS and Depression Go Together
What Is Magnetic Resonance Enterography?
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When There Are Two Problems That Make You Run to the Bathroom
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Overlapping Conditions of BS and Chronic Prostatitis in Men
When You Have IBS and Your Nervous System Is Also Dysfunctional
How Can You Minimize Your Risk of Broken Bones Due to IBS?
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IBS and Other Overlapping Health Problems