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    flat lay illustration of medications with 'drug news' text
    FDA Updates Side Effects For 3 Rheumatoid Arthritis Drugs
    destruction of HIV
    Is Umbilical Cord Blood Transplant a Feasible Treatment for HIV?
    Eating Disorders Don’t Discriminate, But Diagnosis Does
    An older white adult female showing a wearable medical alert device to a female presenting caretaker of color.
    Wireless Tech Helps Keep Seniors in Assisted Living Safe
    Vagus nerve.
    Can Stimulating the Vagus Nerve Actually Transform Your Health?
    Physical therapy.
    Paralyzed Patients Are Walking Again After Spinal Cord Stimulation
    chronic back pain
    How Does Chronic Pain Change Eating Behaviors?
    type 1 diabetic woman.
    How Diabetes Can Complicate Prenatal Care for Black Women
    A pattern of raspberries and blackberries on a pink-purple background.
    Eating Flavonoid-Rich Foods May Help People With Parkinson's Live Longer
    Woman sleeping.
    Getting Enough Sleep Might Offset Some Risk Factors for Heart Disease
    Eversense E3 continuous glucose monitor on phone screen
    FDA Approves Longest Lasting Continuous Glucose Monitor for Diabetes
    Migraines illustration.
    Researchers Identify New Genetic Risk Factors for Migraines
    Older white adult woman sitting on a bed looking out a window.
    Home Health Aide Shortage Leaves Patients Without Care
    Young Black person preparing food at home using olive oil
    Diet Affects Colorectal Cancer Risk in Black Communities
    illustration of people with different skin colors wearing bandages on their arms
    A Verywell Report: How Racism Damages the Black Health Experience
    Close up of an older adult's hands holding a smart phone with a blood pressure app on the screen.
    Need to Check Your Blood Pressure? There's an App For That
    NYC school lunch pickup
    USDA Wants to Ensure That Kids Can Get Their Most Nutritious Meals From School
    Man sleeping listening to peaceful sounds.
    Why Do Only Some People Get the ASMR Tingles?
    Drone delivery.
    Drones Could Soon Deliver Medications to Your Home
    hot girl IBS
    Is Pandemic Stress Leading to Higher Rates of IBS?
    Woman reading pill brochure.
    Study Finds Link Between Colon Cancer and Antibiotic Use
    Black family meeting with doctor.
    CDC: New HIV Diagnoses for Black Americans Were Highest in Vulnerable Communities
    plate of beans and vegetables
    6 Dietary Habits To Adopt During National Cancer Prevention Month
    Figure skater at the Olympics.
    What Is Trimetazidine and Why Is It Banned at the Olympics?
    white physician typing on tablet
    Why Negative Descriptions in Health Records Can Be Harmful
    illustration of scientist looking into microscope - word of the week
    Word of the Week: Acute
    person holding red wine bottles
    Can Wine Protect Against COVID-19?
    Close up of an unseen white person's arm; they are getting an infusion in a hospital.
    How CAR T-Cell Therapy 'Cured' 2 Cancer Patients
    Older man using online therapy.
    Mental Health Care Coverage for Adults on Medicare Falls Short
    vitamin d supplement
    Study: Vitamin D Supplements May Help Prevent Autoimmune Disease
    Woman holding her newborn baby.
    Giving Low-income Families Cash Aid Changed Brain Activity in Babies
    heart gram
    Lifestyle Changes Can Prevent Heart Disease, Even for People With Family History
    Love bombing illustration.
    Is It Love, Or Love Bombing?
    variant illo
    New Study Points to 4 Potential Long COVID Risk Factors
    Brain illustration.
    Women Under 35 May Have Higher Risk of Stroke Than Men
    Plastic food packaging.
    Coalition Calls FDA to Remove BPAs From Food Contact Materials
    Heart Healthy Foods
    9 Foods to Eat During American Heart Month
    kitchen illo
    Gas Stoves Are Bad for the Environment Even When They're Turned Off
    Dermatologist illustration.
    More Than Melanin: Skin Cancer Is Still a Risk for the Black Community
    raincoats and rain boots
    Study Finds Toxic 'Forever Chemicals' in Most Stain- and Water-Resistant Textiles
    Different prescription drugs.
    Will Mark Cuban's Low-Cost Pharmacy Finally Make Drugs Affordable?
    CPR illustration.
    AHA Issues New Guidelines for Performing CPR During Pandemic
    chicken breast
    You Can Have a More Sustainable Diet by Swapping One Item at a Time
    Two teens sitting back to back.
    Earlier Access to Gender-affirming Hormones Linked to Better Mental Health
    man working from home on laptop
    Undiagnosed Dyslexia in Adults Exacerbated by Pandemic
    birth control pills
    Study: Hormonal Birth Control Didn’t Raise Risk of Major Health Issues
    Woman taking a telehealth appointment.
    Telehealth Is Helping More People Get Surgical Care
    Car stuck in a snow storm.
    Your Guide to Staying Safe During a Winter Freeze
    A small glass dish being filled with olive oil; there are fresh green olives next to the dish.
    Can Olive Oil Help You Live Longer?
    woman eating a cake
    Why Is Everyone Talking About Intuitive Eating Lately?
    Sleep routine illustration
    I Tried Following a Regular Sleep Routine. It Changed My Mornings
    Epstein-Barr Virus Is Likely the Leading Cause of Multiple Sclerosis, Study Finds
    composting illo
    Make Composting Your Next Sustainable Project
    a farmworker carrying a box of broccoli
    Food Workers Are Struggling to Put Food on Their Tables
    Blood transfusion bag.
    Officials Question Why FDA Continues to Restrict Gay Blood Donors
    Woman in nature looking at the mountains.
    Spending More Time in Nature Can Help You Feel Better About Your Body
    Cropped image of an unseen child's face, they have their tongue sticking out a little and are holding a red paper french fry holder.
    McDonald’s Instagram Ads Seem to Target Low-Income Kids
    A computer generated illustration of a human brain on a blue-purple background.
    Dementia Cases Expected to Triple by 2050
    menstrual blood hpv testing illo
    Will HPV Testing via Menstrual Blood Mean the End of Pap Smears?
    ER doctor facing mental health challenges amid pandemic burnout
    Op-Ed: America's Health Care Depends on Women